Silver bracelets with Swarovski stones

Smooth Silver Bracelets
Smooth BeYindi bracelets are very popular with our customers: this is a universal gift that will appeal to every girl, regardless of age and jewelry preferences. Simple silver bracelets that can be worn for every day are great for a pretty hand, and when paired with small earrings, they make a discreet and elegant set that’s also good for work. They create a kit that will save us in any situation.

Silver bracelets with Swarovski stones
We offer almost 150 different models of silver bracelets with fashionable Swarovski stones. Almost every model is also available in different color options. Famous shades of Siamese, Denim Blue, Emerald, Crystal AB or Light Peach can be found in a variety of shapes: the classic Swarovski Elements Fancy Stones Xilion Navette spindles or the trendy Cosmic Ring crystals. We only offer certified Swarovski crystals plated with 925 sterling silver.

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