Shaving requires skills. For better shaving experience, you will need some patience and smooth shaving razors. You must consider some points while buying a razor. You should know the types of razors found in the market. Following are the types of razors. Safety razors This razor is the commonest razor used by men. This safety […]

Hand numbness is one of the many conditions you do not want to suffer from. Imagine touching a chilled or extremely hot appliance and feeling no sensation in your fingers. Scary, right? This is exactly what happens in hand numbness. While some cases are mild and go away with time, other cases affect the nerves […]

Metastatic cancer is a tumor which spreads from an initial site to¬†different locations within the body. Cancer cells can spread to closer lymph nodes, tissues, and organs. This is how metastatic cancer occurs and it generally happens at stage IV of cancer. Metastatic cancer is identified by the primary cancer name. For example, breast cancer […]

Dark spots are usually known as discoloration of the skin. This can occur due to aging, sun exposure, liver damage, hormonal issues, genetics and several other disorders of the skin. Because of the dark spots, you will look older than your real age. These dark spots make your skin look dull and without glow. The […]

Newborn kids are quite prone to bacterial and viral infections. Their body is not used to the outside environment when they are born, and because of low resistance to these infections, they can fall sick quite easily. One such issue that kids are known to face these days is pneumococcal pneumonia. It is a kind […]

Lymph node cancer or Non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) is one such disease that shows many symptoms. The symptoms depend on where it occurs in your body and the type of lymphoma you are suffering from. There are times when you might not see any symptoms until the node gets bigger. Also, you should remember that having […]

Other than your bones and muscles, your ligaments and tendons also play an equally important role in the functioning of your body. These parts of your legs carry your entire body weight throughout the day. Leg pain has become a common phenomenon these days. Many times people complain of pain on top of the foot […]

Pain in the gums is an annoying issue that can occur for several reasons such as canker sores, brushing too hard, and wearing dentures, braces, or retainers. In the case of women, pregnancy, hormonal changes, and menopause can be some of the reasons. Other than these, due to certain oral health issues such as thrush, […]

Clostridium difficile is a bacterium that causes many diseases that could be life-threatening. This bacterium mostly affects old men and women who are in the hospital or long-term healthcare facilities. It generally happens after the use of antibiotics. However, according to some recent studies, there is a huge growth of Clostridium difficile or C diff […]