Remedies for Quick Relief from Gum Pain

Pain in the gums is an annoying issue that can occur for several reasons such as canker sores, brushing too hard, and wearing dentures, braces, or retainers. In the case of women, pregnancy, hormonal changes, and menopause can be some of the reasons. Other than these, due to certain oral health issues such as thrush, periodontitis, or gingivitis, you may suffer from severe gum pain. Here is a list of some easy and effective gum pain remedies that you can employ at home. Until you can see a dentist, these home remedies will help you to deal with the severe gum pain.

You can use either a cold or a hot compress to reduce the pain. For a hot compress, soak a cloth in hot, but not boiling, water; then squeeze out the excess water and press it gently on the face near the affected area, but do not apply directly to the gums. For the cold compress, wrap a pack of ice in a cloth and apply it in the way mentioned above.

Saltwater Rinse
Rinsing with salt water is one of the most effective gum pain remedies that help in preventing the bacterial growth in the mouth. Also, it helps in reducing the bacteria on the gums, which may be the reason behind the swelling gums.

Get tea that is high in the astringent tannins, like green tea, black tea, or hibiscus tea to deal with the pain. Ginger or herbal mixed tea is one of the most useful home remedies.

Herbal Poultice
Spilanthes and clove are pain-relieving herbs. Also, powdered turmeric comprises the anti-inflammatory properties and is used in making the ultimate gum pain remedies at home. You simply need to mix any of the powdered herbs with warm water until a paste consistency is there. Now, apply this paste directly to the gums. Until the pain subsides, you need to apply it. Then, rinse the mouth with clean water.

Homemade dental spray
To address with the pain in the gum, another popular way is to apply a dental spray that has been made in a natural way by diluting essential oils.

Other than all the aforementioned natural gum pain remedies, different painkillers and oral anesthetic gels are available in the market. However, before taking any medications, it is always advisable to consult a dentist first as these medications might have side effects. Until you manage to get an appointment with the dentist, these home remedies will be helpful to keep the gum pain in the control.