Pamela Anderson’s own words about the divorce

In a statement to the Hollywood Reporter, Pamela Anderson says that the couple spends time apart, and that they have made a joint decision to postpone the process of obtaining a marriage certificate.

“We would be very grateful for support now that we spend time apart to reevaluate what we want in life and of each other. Life is a journey and love is a process. With the universal truth in mind, we have mutually decided to postpone the formalities of our marriage certificate and put our faith in the process. Thank you for respecting our privacy, “said Pamela Anderson in her statement to the newspaper.

Just a few days earlier, Jon Peters told the same newspaper about his love for Pamela Anderson.

– She makes me wild, in a good way. She inspires me. “I protect her and treat her as she should be treated,” he told the Hollywood Reporter.